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Design Brigitte Lichtner

AERO, rotating living room table

AERO rolls in any direction as if it were floating. The tops swivel easily to any desired position. Secure on a base plate and on chrome-plated revolving columns. Aero unifies tranquillity ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

ALTO, height-adjustable coffee table

ALTO. Whatever happens on the sofa or armchair, Alto grows to the perfect hight almost without being noticed. Sturdy and smart at any hight it rolls to it‘s desired space ...

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Design Ethem Yildiz

ANTA, table

ANTA presents its superior stability on velvety powdered runners with a unique delicacy. The dainty side table fits any residential environment with numerous materials available ...

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ARIZONA, Coffee table with drawer

ARIZONA’S flat bar steel runners grasp the zeitgeist of sofas setting the scene beautifully with minimalistic design of noble woods and surfaces. The integrated drawer accessible from both ...

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AVOCA, Coffee table with drawer

AVOCA. A coffee table playing with squares. The metal application forms an optical continuation of the columns. The push-to-open drawer system is practical. The glass tops are at different heights ...

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Design Mutschler.Winkler

BICADO, coffee table

BICADO inspires a life of ease and transparency. Devoid of all unnecessary frills, the glass top is rooted to the floor below with a bar of different materials ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

BOB, Coffee table with runners

BOB stands steady on two elegantly curved runners and thanks to the wide range of sizes it adapts modestly and with timeless charm to every whim ...

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Design Klaus Bergen

CHETTO, Coffee table with casters

CHETTO flexibly moves on castors to wherever it is needed. If desired, it then withdraws discreetly as the mix of transparency and opaqueness lends it an elegant and unobtrusive appearance ...

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CHESS, square coffee table

CHESS checkmates every undecided person: the little square table is hard to beat when it comes to flexibility and possible uses as size, height, material or number can be selected freely ...

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DONDOLO, table

DONDOLO is a power table. Light refracts bright green in the strong glass table tops. It only remains to be seen if you can decide which of the three heights you would like or whether you ...

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Design Mutschler.Winkler

CONFETTO, Coffee table with casters

CONFETTO. A sleek connection between two levels. The glass top is poised above the base and is held in place, vibration-free by a flat steel bar. The base appears to float thanks to the small ...

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Design K. Steinkraus

CROSSFIRE, coffee table

CROSSFIRE. Symmetrical balance, exquisitely designed minimalistic structure. It radiates a clear and calm feeling bringing meditation to mind ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

FIGARO. FIGARO plus. height-adjustable coffee table

FIGARO. Its plate can be adjusted smoothly to any height. The foot release button is perfectly integrated in the base. And invisible castors move the table to wherever it is needed ...

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Design Ennio Pasini

FUMO, rotating living room table

FUMO tickles every wish for contemporary design from enthusiastic viewers and users with its modern concrete look and the exciting combined functionality with a 360° swivel base ...

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GIRO, Coffee table with casters

GIRO convinces with flexibility squared. Equipped with castors and a middle base, it enriches every living room with maximum leg-room and perfect positioning. According to the principle ...

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SCALA, height-adjustable coffee table

SCALA proves that square and practical is more than simply good. Infinitely adjustable and with various materials to choose from, this storage miracle has a timeless and classic elegance ...

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Design sko möbeldesign

LORENZO./VERSO. height-adjustable coffee table

LORENZO and VERSO are the modern interpretation of ideas from the 1930s. The glass top slides effortlessly and smoothly to the desired height at the touch of a button in the handle ...

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Design Mutschler.Winkler

MATRIX, coffee table

MATRIX counts on fine details and simple forms.
A classic table concept. In almost all shapes and sizes. The ideal option for interior designers and creative individualists. ...

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LIFT, height-adjustable coffee table

LIFT presents itself as a charming companion with perfect curves in all the right places, because the adjustable pedestal of the little table invites all users to enjoy an exciting change of ...

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MINERO, Coffee table with tray

MINERO holds its top with ease on a delicate metal frame. It is an essential, timelessly elegant companion with a wide range of sizes and materials for the top and for a movable tray ...

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Design Jürgen Sohn

NEL, coffee table

NEL enthrals any observer with its organic river pebble shape to caress it delicately. The transparent top appears to float on the high-gloss, slightly protruding metal ...

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ONDA, coffee table

ONDA. Like a sculpture, the exciting arches hold a square glass or solid wood top. A sovereign beauty superbly showing off sophisticated workmanship ...

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PARI, Coffee table with casters

PARI enriches every need for cultivated leisure time on the couch with fine charm, alone or as a pair in different heights. It glides elegantly on castors to satisfy every wish and purpose ...

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PARTY, Coffee table

PARTY is the charming duo at different heights. Together they form an attractive large coffee table or enjoy them on their own as a smaller coffee table or occasional table ...

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PHOTON. Coffee table with casters

PHOTON glides with elegant ease towards its purpose on castors. The lacquered base plate and the top held in place by 8 small metal brackets provides sufficient storage ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

PONTOS, rotating living room table

PONTOS shows its real self in the dialogue between the two table tops, which are fixed off-centre onto the supports. They turn 360° like a couple who always find their way back to one ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

SANTIAGO, glass table

SANTIAGO is a sculptural work of art, a true balancing act of forms. Lacquered or solid wood, crystal glass and polished chrome metal are combined to create ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

SERVO, Glass table, side table

SERVO. The new invention of the trolley table already feels like a style icon. It doesn’t just look mobile, it is mobile. Small, flexible and ready for use at any ...

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Design Carsten Heck

SIDE XL, Wohnzimmertisch, Beistelltisch

SIDE XL is the delicate mini occasional table which can easily be moved to wherever it is needed ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

SONVIDA, height-adjustable coffee table

SONDIVA confidently demonstrates its skills as a perfect everyday companion with unwavering elegance and ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

STANDBY, Coffee table, side table

STANDBY comes as an irresistible trio in three heights. As a stylistically perfect accompaniment to armchair and sofa or as an optical accent anywhere ...

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Design Thomas Althaus

SWIFT, height-adjustable coffee table

SWIFT enriches your living space with its harmonious combination of innovative expansion-slide technology and an exciting material mix of glass and paint on ...

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ZED. coffee table

ZED presents itself individually or as a duo in two different heights as a simple and yet striking Z with its base and top. The small table makes design history in every ...

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Quality down to the smallest detail

Modernste Hot-Air-Technologie ermöglicht beste Kantenbearbeitung: Die Null-Fugen- oder Laser-Kante

State-of-the-art hot-air technology allows for the best edge finishing: the zero gap or laser edge.

Massivholz in seiner edelsten Form: Dreischichtplatten, durch und durch im gleichen Holz, in drei Lagen verabeitet für beste Standfestigkeit und geringstmöglichen Verzug

Solid wood in its finest form: triple-layer panels, made of the same wood through and through, processed in three layers for the best sturdiness and the least possible warpage.

Qualität steckt im Detail. Unser Werk bietet Passgenauigkeit im Zehntel-Millimeter-Bereich

Quality is in the detail. Our factory offers precision fit to the tenth of a millimetre.

Unsere ausgebildeten Fachleute mit Erfahrung können eine brilliante, handpolierte Metalloberfläche in höchster Qualität herstellen

Our trained and experienced professionals are able to            manufacture a brilliant, hand-polished metal surface of the highest quality.

Klebeverbindungen mit dem einzigartigen Rosettenschliff erhöhen die Festigkeit der Verbindung zwischen Glas und Metall

Glued joints with the unique rose cut increases the strength of the connection between glass and metal.

Ausgesuchte Hölzer aus europäischen Wäldern nachhaltiger Bewirtschaftung werden von Fachleuten zusammen­gestellt und zu schönsten Platten verarbeitet

Selected woods from sustainable European forests are processed by experts to assemble the most beautiful tops.

Komplett montiert, ausgerichtet, überprüft und begutachtet durch einen Meister. Erst dann verlassen unsere Möbel das Werk

Fully assembled, aligned, checked and examined by a master craftsman. Only then will our pieces of furniture leave the factory.

Dauerhafte Verbindungen benötigen starke Schrauben und Metallgewinde, eingearbeitet in den Teilen des Tisches

Persistent connections require strong screws and metal thread, worked into the table parts.

Neuartige Materialien wie FENIX NTM und Spezial-Beton-lack setzen wir erst nach intensiver Prüfung und Optimierung aller Prozesse in die Serien ein

Innovative materials such as FENIX NTM or our special            concrete lacquer undergo intensive testing and            optimisation before they are used in serial production.


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