BRADO. Clear form and selected materials merge to perfect harmony. The table tops are statically linked, but at the same time the swiveling function of the surface top invites you to try every new constellation.

2041 BRADO. - Coffee table

Product variants


Available materials



Ceramic matt

Keramik matt K 1002 ROCK grigio

Ceramic matt K 1002
ROCK grigio


Ceramic glossy

Keramik glänzend K 1010 ROCK Edelweiß

Ceramic glossy K 1010 ROCK Edelweiss




bianco male

bianco male

grigio londra

grigio londra 

nero ingo

nero ingo 



Lacquer matt

L70 tiefschwarz (RAL 9005)

L70 deep black
(RAL 9005)

L20 reinweiß (RAL 9010)

L20 pure white
(RAL 9010)

L24 cremeweiß (RAL 9001)

L24 cream white
(RAL 9001)

L80 anthrazitgrau (RAL 7016)

L80 anthracite gray
(RAL 7016)

L62 crema (NCS S 1005 Y 50R)

L62 crema
(NCS S 1005 Y 50R)

L66 sahara (NCS S 3005 Y20R)

L66 sahara
(NCS S 3005 Y20R)

L26 sand/macchiato (NCS 5010 Y 50R)

L26 sand/macchiato
(NCS 5010 Y 50R)

L40 barolo (Sikkens A 6.25.05)

L40 barolo
(Sikkens A 6.25.05)

L90 taupe (NCS S 3502 Y

L90 taupe
(NCS S 3502 Y

L31 maronbraun (NCS S 8502-Y)

L31 chestnut brown
(NCS S 8502-Y)

L85 onyxgrau (RAL 7047)

L85 onyx gray
(RAL 7047)

L50 chromfarbig  (RAL 9006)

L50 chrome colored
(RAL 9006)


Technical changes and errors reserved. The color surfaces shown can differ in color and structure.


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Technical specifications

3170 DADO. - Couchtisch - Technical specifications

Technische Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten.


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