Design Mutschler.Winkler

CONFETTO. A sleek connection between two levels. The glass top is poised above the base and is held in place, vibration-free by a flat steel bar. The base appears to float thanks to the small integrated castors.

Coffee table of Mutschler.Winkler, with glass top and Flachstablbügel

Product variants


Available materials



Lacquer matt and lacquer high gloss

L70 tiefschwarz (RAL 9005)

L70 tiefschwarz
(RAL 9005)

L20 reinweiß (RAL 9010)

L20 reinweiß
(RAL 9010)

L24 cremeweiß (RAL 9001)

L24 cremeweiß
(RAL 9001)

L80 anthrazitgrau (RAL 7016)

L80 anthrazitgrau
(RAL 7016)

L62 crema (NCS S 1005 Y 50R)

L62 crema
(NCS S 1005 Y 50R)

L66 sahara (NCS S 3005 Y20R)

L66 sahara
(NCS S 3005 Y20R)

L26 sand/macchiato (NCS 5010 Y 50R)

L26 sand/macchiato
(NCS 5010 Y 50R)

L40 barolo (Sikkens A 6.25.05)

L40 barolo
(Sikkens A 6.25.05)

L90 taupe (NCS S 3502 Y

L90 taupe
(NCS S 3502 Y

L50 chromfarbig  (RAL 9006)

L50 chromfarbig
(RAL 9006) (nur in matt)




high gloss chrome

high gloss chrome

matt chrome

matt chrome



Safety glass clear

Sicherheitsglas klar

Sicherheitsglas klar


Concrete special lacquer

Concrete special lacquer

Beton-Speziallack grau matt

Beton-Speziallack grau matt


Technical changes and errors reserved. The color surfaces shown can differ in color and structure.

Model 2130 CONFETTO. Coffee table with casters

Model 2130 CONFETTO

Coffee table with casters

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